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Active Learning

What is Experimental Learning?

Experimental learning allows new knowledge (skills) to be incorporated and applied immediately without the risk of them appearing as a bad business result. Allowing continuous learning through experimentation and correction of mistakes made.


Our solutions

XR Solutions
A new world without boundaries.

Because experiential learning allows self-guided exploration and makes the inaccessible accessible, it has the potential to significantly improve the future of education by leveraging XR Technologies.
We are passionate about technology, that’s why we help organizations to design, develop, and implement the best-in-class XR solutions to help them to streamline their operations while reducing costs and improving user experience.

What can experience-base learning do for you?

Experiential learning is, quite simply, learning by doing. We have all learned to walk or talk, not by being shown or told, but by practicing and refining our technique.
Experience-based learning is considered effective because it helps establish lasting behavior. The experience provides the platform for learning and disruptive technologies such as VR/AR boost learner engagement.
With more than a decade of experience delivering in-class and virtual training, we understand our customers’ needs and how important it is to deliver the best user experience while meeting company expectations. We help companies to identify and implement the best learning solution that fits their needs.

Analytics Platform
Is all about the data.

Organizations demand information that helps them to make better decisions timely.
As part of any learning plan, executives need to track employees’ performance.
Our analytics platform delivers real-time information providing actionable insights from our XR solutions.
Whether you’re designing a training simulation or defining adding content to your Learning Management Solution, We can give you the information you need to create an experience that engages from start to finish.


Immersive learning benefits

Reduction of operating costs
Organizations that embrace immersive learning can reduce the costs of employee travel and transporting equipment to training venues, and even save space.
End of distances
Through immersive experiences such as XR, companies can leverage expertise in thousands of skills from anywhere in the world.
Health and security
It enables employers to train people on hazards and dangerous environments without putting anyone at risk.
Downtime: cero
Virtual reality allows you to avoid having our services inactive.
One of the most important benefits of learning through virtual reality is the possibility of expansion in all parts of the world.
Learning through mistakes
One of the most compelling benefits of immersive learning is that people don't have to worry about making mistakes, they learn by doing.
Increased engagement
With the ability to incorporate gamification, immersive learning can be fun. When students are engaged and interested, this leads to better retention.
Data analytics
Thanks to the rich user data interface, executives can analyze immersive learning results and take timely decision.