Education [Re]evolution


There was a time when teachers would teach the way they had learnt, with little regard to the needs of the learner.

Education need to evolve and learning must be more student-centered, it must be built on a foundation of strong relationships, responsive to basic needs, driven by individual interests, adaptive to their academic needs, relevant to their lives beyond the organization they belong to.

But change should not be orchestrated from the top-down or forced on anyone. Rather, bold innovation and continuous improvements are being driven by organizations that complement each other.

Join our next webinar to hear leaders in the education industry how they are innovating to create a more connected and fair world.

Hernán Morello
Director of IT Engineering | Argentine University of Business
Mariano Wechsler
Co-founder & CEO | Digital House
Hernán Kigel
Chief Learning Officer | Acámica
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